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每小時 HKD$180






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Method One:

​When you open Platform Chat, click "+New Chat". Search the name of the person you want to chat with, then start chatting.

After sending a message, he will automatically receive an email notification.

Method Two:

Chick the member name on the above. After redirect to his profile page, click the message button on the profile card.

Case Introduction

本人正在就讀英國A level 課程

I am Alex. I am going to write about my favourite subjects, interests, aims and my ambitions.
As for my favourite subject, I would say it is Chemistry. Actually, I have many subjects that I enjoy, however my favourite is Chemistry. This is because I have a passion in understanding different chemicals and the chemical reactions of different mixtures. Through studying Chemistry, it allows me to learn to be patient and work in a systematic way. Before every experiment I always get a rush of excitement because you never know what the outcome could be, with just one little difference in amounts, your experiment results could completely change. This gives me a sense of thrill which is why Chemistry is one of my favourite subjects in school.
Regarding my interests, I love to play piano and basketball at my leisure time. One of my favourite academic interests is playing piano. I really enjoy the melody which came out from the piano. There may have many variations in one song

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