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Case Introduction

Jonathan Robert Hitchman
Professional & Keen Tutor of 6 years

Jonathan Robert Hitchman
教師履歷 Teacher Profile
教育事業 Career In Teaching
我目前擁有5年以上的英語教學經驗,其中包括在香港多於4年及在英國1年的私人補習經驗。 自2016年以來,我一直在香港居住,並在一間連鎖補習中心(在香港有6個分校)工作,同時繼續我的學術發展和私人輔導工作,教導由3至50歲的年齡層及不同能力水平的學生,從基本的拼音到成人商務英語等,每班最長2個小時及每次最多10個學生,本人擁有多方面的教學經驗。
I currently have over 6 years of teaching experience, which includes 1 year of private tutoring in the UK and 4 years in Hong Kong. I have been living in Hong Kong since 2016 and have worked in a successful Tutorial Centre [ 6 branches in HK alone] whilst continuing my academic study and privately tutoring to students of all ages (3-50) and skill level (phonics to business communication). I have taught classes of students numbering up to 10, lasting up to 2 hours each.
學術背景 Academic Background
我對學術研究領域充滿熱情, 自從在英國教育體系中取得良好成績後,(報考了11科GCSE及 3 科A-Level,全獲B或以上的成績),我一直努力追求教育學與社會科學領域的進一步專業資格。
畢業於Swansea University 人文社會科學學院,我以2.1分成績畢業(相當於CGPA 3.7分 )。我繼續攻讀Cardiff University的CELTA課程(成人英語教學證書),並於兩個月的強化課程中順利畢業,展開了我的教育事業。
至2018年起,我於香港城市大學攻讀碩士學位。以CGPA 4.0分的優異成績畢業,成為國際關係研究碩士生。
I have a great passion for Academic Study. Since having achieved much in the British School system, attaining 11 GCSEs and 3 A-levels to an excellent standard, I have strived to continue my pursuit of further qualifications in both the field of sociology, politics and education. I graduated from Swansea University attaining a 2.1 grade in Humanities and received a CELTA [Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults] qualification from Cardiff University 2 months later. In 2018 I began my master’s degree in City University. To date I have maintained a consistent GPA of 4.0.
Edit: I have since graduated, having acquired the MA from The City University of Hong Kong
教學風格 Teaching Style
我亦熱愛益智遊戲,經常找到方法讓我的課程變得更有趣及具競爭力。 儘管我時常與學生打成一片,但我絕對懂得在適當的時候變得強硬,並且使用不同角度與方法鼓勵他們學習。
My classes have been described as fun, yet intensive. I will always encourage my students to

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