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每小時 HKD$100






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Method One:

​When you open Platform Chat, click "+New Chat". Search the name of the person you want to chat with, then start chatting.

After sending a message, he will automatically receive an email notification.

Method Two:

Chick the member name on the above. After redirect to his profile page, click the message button on the profile card.

Case Introduction

UK A-Level
Mathematics A*; Further Mathematics (AS) A

Teaching subjects
Mathematics in Primary school ($100 per hour)
GCSE/IGCSE Mathematics ($150 per hour)
A-Level Mathematics ($200 per hour)

Teaching Language
English/Cantonese/ Mandarin

F.1 - F.5 True Light Girls' College
Sixth Form King's School Canterbury, Kent (in the U.K.)
Now CRR de Cergy-Pontoise (a conservatoire in France)
( studying classical singing )

My direction in teaching
I enjoy learning mathematics myself, for its logic and the way of thinking it brings to students.
I aim to lessen students' fear toward mathematics by breaking down each step and boost their confidence by giving them questions a bit more challenging than usual when I think they can handle them.
I value my relationship between my students, and I believe a good bonding between teachers and students can make our lessons more efficient and pleasant.
I believe that my job is more than only teaching the knowledge of the book, especially for the primary school students, I would also be encouraging my students to get curious, try to improve their work ethnics. For students doing GCSE/IGCSE/A-Level, I will be sharing my experiences to cope with work and giving out suggestions on how to work effectively and deal with stress and other study-related issues when needed.

If you would like to know more me, please feel free to get in touch.
*Since I am in Paris, my lesson time will only be possible from 4p.m. onward

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