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You are welcome to register as a member of tutorea. We encourage you to read the full terms of use before registering as our member. After completing the registration, it means that you fully understand the relevant content and will abide by all the terms. When you agree to and abide by this clause, it means that you can understand the content of this clause and have normal judgment to make a decision. If you do not agree with the rules of this site, please do not register to use the service. This site reserves the right to stop providing services to any member.

membership terms

You are welcome to register as a member of tutorea. Before registering, please refer to the description of the "Terms of Use". The following are the terms and rules that you must abide by when using the tutorea website and the services it provides. When you complete the membership registration, you agree to be bound by these terms and rules. This site may revise the content of the terms at any time, and the revised terms will be posted on this site. The new revised terms will automatically take effect seven days after they are posted. Therefore, you should check the tutorea website periodically for changes to the Terms. If you continue to use this site or the services provided by this site after any changes to these terms have been made, it means that you accept the changes.

0. Definition

0.1 Definition of vocabulary

"Members" include but are not limited to all platform users such as parents, students and teachers

"Membership Terms" refers to any part of this website that shows guidelines, guides, content, terms, and descriptions, which are part of the membership terms. Successful registration means that the member agrees to all terms.

"This site" refers to the tutorea website and its related websites and mobile applications

"Fraudulent Behavior" refers to false registration/deception by members.

0.2 Title

Headings in these terms are for convenience only and do not form part of the content of these terms and in no way affect the interpretation of this term or any part thereof.


1. tutorea Responsibilities

1.1 The role is only a matching platform
tutorea, as an online trading platform, is only responsible for providing a publishing platform for teachers, parents or students to match each other, so that private tutors can provide tutoring services to parents or students. There is no cooperation agreement, and there is no employment relationship; members and tutorea only exist in the relationship between service providers and service users, and there is no employment relationship between the two parties.

1.2 Does not guarantee the reasonableness of parents or students' requests for tutors

tutorea expressly declares that it has not conducted interviews or home visits with parents or students in advance, and that parents or students have no control over the legality, suitability or other reasonableness and principles of tutors in morals, academics, cultivation, teaching quality and quality, etc. within range.

1.3 Does not guarantee the life safety of members

tutorea clearly declares that the life safety or other personal interests of home tutors are not within the control of tutorea. tutorea does not accept or assume any legal responsibility between tutors and parents or students.

1.4 There is no guarantee that parents or students will use tutors for a long time

tutorea does not guarantee the long-term use of tutors by parents or students. If tutors use this website service, they must evaluate the risks or other personal benefits. All persons must be aware of the risks involved in dealing with persons who are under the legal age, who provide false grounds, or who do not have the capacity to contract.

1.5 Membership is not guaranteed

tutorea cannot and will not confirm the identity of each member. Therefore, you must be careful to prevent fraudulent behavior when you accept tutorea to trade with members. tutorea is not responsible for any actions or omissions of any user.

1.6 The accuracy of the information is not guaranteed

tutorea cannot control the information provided by members through this site. Therefore, tutorea does not guarantee the accuracy of any information provided by any person through the use of the service.

1.7 Exemption from legal liability of tutorea

In the event of any dispute between members or arising out of the use of the Services, all liabilities, claims, demands, damages (substantial or indirect), of whatever nature, known and unknown in connection with or arising out of such dispute , Doubtful or not, published and undisclosed, tutorea shall not be liable for the relevant legal responsibilities.


​1.8 Privacy of personal data

The company provides you with the best service and respects your personal privacy. Therefore, when we collect, maintain and use personal data, we promise to comply with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, Chapter 486 of the Laws of Hong Kong.


1.9 Private Messages​
Under normal circumstances, the company will not check the content of the user's private message (pm), but the company reserves the right to check the user's private message when investigating suspected violations of the terms of use.

2. Tutorea's rights

2.1 Right to Suspend or Terminate User Qualification​
Tutorea has the right to suspend or terminate the user qualification without paying compensation if the user is found to have committed the following behaviors:

(a) breach of the terms and conditions set out in these Terms, or

(b) engage in deceptive practices in connection with this site, whether through convictions, settlements, insurance or escrow investigations, or otherwise.


2.2 Right to process data provided by users

Tutorea has the absolute and unfettered right to refuse or delete any information provided by users without notice or compensation to any party. Without prejudice to this right, if any information provided by members is published or continues to be published, it will cause Tutorea to bear any legal liability for a third party, or make Tutorea violate any laws or rules or regulations of any effective jurisdiction. The rights and interests of the three parties, Tutorea has the right to refuse or modify any information provided.


2.3 Withdraw the right to provide platform services

tutorea has the absolute and unfettered right to withdraw any conditions of service without any notice or compensation to tutor. Without derogating from this right, tutorea reserves the right to withdraw the services if:

(1) The personal information provided by the member is very likely to be inaccurate;

(2) Members are found to have violated the terms and conditions listed in this clause, or their account is suspended by tutorea in accordance with this clause;

(3) Tutorea is unable to verify or corroborate any information provided by members for any reason.

2.4 The right to refuse to provide services
Tutorea has the right to stop providing services to any member and reserves the right to reject any person's application to become a member or terminate any person's membership without any explanation.

2.5 The right to add or delete the terms
Tutorea reserves all the rights to add or delete these terms at any time without prior notice to members; members must read the terms of this document at any time to ensure that they are aware of the latest member binding terms.

2.6 Expenses for tutorea
All costs incurred by Tutorea in response to your request or order in any proceeding in which you are involved (whether by subpoena or order of any court of competent jurisdiction, including compliance with any order to disclose documents or to attend court to testify) , including all expenses incurred by Tutorea seeking legal or other professional advice or representations, are solely your responsibility. (In all such cases, all costs shall be calculated on actual loss)

3. Terms and Conditions of Tutoring Matching Platform Services

3.1 Basic Responsibilities of Members
You agree to authorize this site to use your "registration and publication information" for the promotion of this site, without any legal restrictions. You also agree that this website will display part or all of the "registration information" when necessary, without being restricted by any copyright laws and personal data (privacy) regulations. You agree not to use any tool, software or program to interfere with the normal operation of the server of this site, let alone intentionally or systematically overload the system of this site. You may not spread any computer viruses or destructive programs to this site and all members of this site. You agree not to pursue any loss caused by the system failure of this site. This site will try its best to maintain the reliability of the system and maintain good efficiency. You may not use any of the services of this site to engage in illegal or immoral acts.

3.2 Responsibilities of members to provide correct information
Tutorea may refuse to provide services for members who do not provide correct information.

3.4 Responsibilities of Members for Fraudulent Behavior
If a member is proven to use this site to commit fraudulent acts, he or she will be required to pay relevant criminal and civil liabilities for his actions, and this site will not bear any responsibility. At the same time, this site will cooperate with law enforcement agencies to provide all relevant evidence. Members are requested not to ruin their future due to greed.

3.5 Any commercial activities without prior authorization are prohibited
Any commercial behavior without prior authorization is prohibited, and the scope of prohibited promotion includes but is not limited to user names, avatars, and all content published on Tutorea.


3.6 You must abide by relevant laws
You must agree not to engage in the following behaviors. Once you are found to have violated the following violations, this site has the right to immediately cancel your membership account and delete the uploaded information without prior notice:

(1) Send any comments, discussions, emails, and private messages that violate the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.


(2) Publish, transmit, send or store any defamatory, fraudulent, harmful, obscene, pornographic, gambling or other comments, discussions, emails, private messages, files or materials that violate the law.


(3) Publish, transmit, send or store any material that infringes on the intellectual property rights of others (including but not limited to trademark rights, patent rights, copyrights, design rights, plant variety protection rights and layout design rights of integrated circuits) or other rights .


(4) Collect email addresses and other personal data of others without their consent.


(5) Extract or use part or all of the content of any database in the membership service without the consent of this site.


(6) Publishing, transmitting, sending, storing viruses, or any other programs or messages capable of damaging or interfering with computer systems or data.


(7) Destroying or interfering with the system operation of member services or violating general Internet etiquette.


(8) Entering the member service system or the website related to the system without the authorization of this site, or using other people's accounts or forging other people's identification information to send messages or leave messages in an attempt to mislead others' judgments.

(9) Any behavior that hinders or interferes with other users' use of membership services.

(11) Carry out publicity and marketing activities related to insurance, investment, pyramid schemes, market research, seminars, employment and various referrals on the site without permission.


(12) Any act of stealing member account numbers, passwords or access rights of member services through improper channels.

(13) Other behaviors that do not meet the purpose of use provided by the membership service.

(14) Members of this site are strictly prohibited from publishing items including but not limited to items that violate the laws of Hong Kong. This site can delete prohibited publication materials, and warn the published members or suspend the right to use the account. Prohibited publications include but are not limited to: firearms, ammunition, imitation firearms, weapons, dangerous goods, protected wild animals, endangered animals and plants, human organs, transportation and accommodation arrangements, counterfeit banknotes, counterfeit stamps, stolen goods, lottery tickets, obscene and indecent items , adult films, child pornography, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, food, dangerous drugs and paraphernalia, antibiotics, pharmaceuticals, herbal medicines, poisons, unregistered pesticides, radio transmitters, decoders, personal data, identity documents, Counterfeit or imitated trademarks, copyrights, computer game software, internal exam scoring files, OEM or follow-on computer software, parallel imported goods, game cartridges or software, tickets, triad society items, sexual favors, uniforms, group logo items, animals And stuffed animals, contact lenses, memberships, publicity or promotional messages, personal hygiene products, sex products, second-hand underwear, online accounts, weight loss products. If you find that you have posted the above information, this site may refuse or delete your items at any time and refuse or stop providing you with this site's services.


4. No guarantee and investigation of illegal acts


tutorea provides this website service on an "as is" basis. Tutorea's sole responsibilities are those set forth in these Terms. Tutorea makes no warranties or conditions, express or implied, other than those expressly set out in these terms. Tutorea cannot guarantee that the functions provided by this website and the services provided will be uninterrupted or error-free, or that problems will be corrected, or that this website or its server will be free of viruses or other harmful elements. tutorea does not warrant or make any representations regarding the user or the results of the user's use of this website.

4.2 You must be responsible for your "registration and publication information"

You must be responsible for your "registration and publication information", and this site is only a passive information collection and release platform. "Registering and publishing information" must be ethical, and must ensure that it does not violate any laws, does not contain violence, pornography and foul language, and must not contain any content that violates privacy or has discriminatory elements. If this site believes that your "registration and publication information" will have a negative impact on any person or organization, this site will reserve the right to take legal action. This site also has the right to stop displaying your "registration and publication information" to all authorized viewers (including yourself) and therefore permanently delete your membership.

(2023-03-19 updated)

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