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Aberdeen Technical School

Address: 1 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Aberdeen
Tel: 25524141
Fax: 25521702

How to travel to Aberdeen Technical School

Bus: 37A, 37B, 37X, 70, 90, 97, M590, 47P, 38, 42, 72, 76, 77, 92, 96, 99, 592, 41A, 48, 592, 107, 170, 171, 671;
Green Minibus: All the routes via Aberdeen or Ap Lei Chau; MTR: 10 minutes walk from Wong Chuk Hang MTR Station.


Aberdeen Technical School is a Aided Boys secondary school located in Hong KongThe school was founded in 1935. The school is located in Southern, and covers an area of approximately 12800 square meters. The supervisor/chairman of the school management committee is Lam Chung Wai Simon Fr.,And the principal is Shum Ming Fai Sammy Mr. (BSc (CUHK) ; PCEd (HKU) ; MSc (HKU)). The sponsoring body of Aberdeen Technical School is Salesians of Don Bosco and is a Catholicism school. The mission of the school: "The school aims to develop the full potentials of boys through whole-person education, which spans across the spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic domains. The core values of Salesian education of treasuring the youth following the teachings of the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ in joy and loving kindness at school as a family are upheld. Under the family spirit of the Educative Pastoral Community, the students are able to live a decent life, to be honest citizens and to do good to the society."School has Parent-Teacher Association,has student union,doesn't has IMC,has old students/alumni associations, the existence of these organizations promotes the cohesion and cooperation of the school community. The motto of Aberdeen Technical School Adhering to the school motto of OPUS JUSTI AD VITAM, encourages students to strive for excellence in academic, moral and personal growth.

Admission Information


Class Structure

Form 1: 3 classes. Form 2: 3 classes.
Form 3: 3 classes. Form 4: 3 classes.
Form 5: 3 classes. Form 6: 3 classes.
^It is important to note that these class numbers may change over time, so students and parents should check with the school for the most up-to-date class structure when applying for admission.


Secondary One Entrance

Our school will accept discretionary places. Our school will participate in the Secondary School Places Allocation System through central allocation stage (Applicable for admission to S.1 in September 2023 ).Academic Performance 25%,
Conduct 20%,
ECA 10%,
Interview 40%,
Connection with School 5%.


Orientation Activities and Healthy Living

F.1 Orientation Day, Boarders' Orientation Day, F.1 Preparatory Classes, F.1 Summer Reading Scheme, F.1 Parents' Day.
To broaden students' learning experiences and promote a sense of belonging, S.1-S.2 students are required to participate in one uniform group/school team and at least one interest group, while S.3 and S.4-S.5 students are required to participate in at least two interest groups and one interest group respectively. Furthermore, students are required to undergo a fitness program through cross-country running and indoor rowing.
Some boarding places are reserved for F.1 students who are in needed, so as to help them to become a mature young adult, develop good living habits and building the team spirit. Non-boarders are encouraged to participate in the After-School Nurturing Program, which serves to help students to building up a balanced study life.

2022-2023 Annual Fees

The tuition structure for Aberdeen Technical School is as follows:
∎ Form 1: Tuition is $0/year, lecture fee is $0.
∎ Form 2: Tuition is $0/year, lecture fee is $0.
∎ Form 3: Tuition is $0/year, lecture fee is $0.
∎ Form 4: Tuition is $0/year, lecture fee is $310".
∎ Form 5: Tuition is $0/year, lecture fee is $310".
∎ Form 6: Tuition is $0/year, lecture fee is $310".
The PTA dues are $50" per year.
Student union fee: $25".
The approved charge for non-standard items is $30 Student handbook and student ID card per year.
Other charges/fees: Annual Boarding fee is not exceeding $39,000. Those in need can apply for partial or full boarding fee waiver. Scholarships awarded to the outstanding academic achievers or students with a positive attitude towards school life..
^Please note that the above prices and charges are for reference only and may change over time. Students and parents should check with the school for the latest tuition and related fee details when applying for admission.

​2022-2023 Faculty Profile (Including Principal)

Based on 2022/2023 data, Aberdeen Technical School has a total of 48 teachers and 48 approved teacher positions. The qualifications and professional training of teachers are as follows:
∎ Diploma of Education: 98% of the total number of teachers in the school.
∎ Bachelor's degree: 98% of the school's faculty.
∎ Master's degree, doctoral degree or above: accounting for 44% of the total number of teachers in the school.
∎ Special education training: 38% of the total number of teachers in the school.

In terms of seniority of teachers, the data are as follows:
∎ Teachers with 0-4 years of experience account for 33% of the total number of teachers in the school.
∎ Teachers with 5-9 years of experience account for 4% of the total number of teachers in the school.
∎ Teachers with 10 or more years of experience account for 63% of the total number of teachers in the school.

These data show that Aberdeen Technical School has an experienced team of teachers with diverse academic and professional training. nearly half of teachers hold master's, doctoral or above degrees, which will help to provide more in-depth and professional educational content.Also, there are there are many of teachers trained in special education, which shows that the school cares about and is committed to students with special educational needs. Their PGCE and BA guarantee they have a good foundation in teaching. In addition, most of teachers have rich teaching experience, and 63% of teachers have 10 or more years of seniority. This means that they have accumulated rich experience and professional knowledge in the teaching field, and can better guide and support the growth of students.These teacher profiles reflect that Aberdeen Technical School has a team of strong and experienced teachers who provide a high quality education to their students.

Subjects offered in the 2022-2023 school year

Form 1 to Form 3:
Chinese as the medium of instruction:Religious Studies, Chinese Language, Putonghua, Mathematics (S.1)*, Integrated Humanities, Chinese History, Integrated Science*, Design and Technology, Computer and Information Technology, Music (S.2 & S.3), Visual Arts, Physical Education
English as the medium of instruction:English Language

Form 4 to Form 6:
Chinese as the medium of instruction:Religious Studies, Ethics and Religious Studies, Chinese Language, Citizenship and Social Development (S.4, S.5), Liberal Studies (S.6), Geography, Chemistry (S.4, S.5), Biology (S.4, S.5), Integrated Science (S.6), Combined Science (Biology, Chemistry) (S.6), Common Elective (S.4, S.5), Design and Applied Technology, Information and Communication Technology, Business, Accounting and Financial Studies, Visual Arts, Physical Education (DSE), Aesthetic Development (S.4, S.5), Physical Development
English as the medium of instruction:English Language

Subjects proposed for the 2023-2024 school year

Form 1 to Form 3:
Chinese as the medium of instruction:Religious Studies, Chinese Language, Putonghua, Mathematics (S.1)*, Integrated Humanities, Chinese History, Integrated Science*, Design and Technology, Computer and Information Technology, Music (S.2 & S.3), Visual Arts, Physical Education
English as the medium of instruction:English Language

Form 4 to Form 6:
Chinese as the medium of instruction:Religious Studies, Ethics and Religious Studies, Chinese Language, Citizenship and Social Development, Geography, Chemistry, Biology, Common Elective, Design and Applied Technology, Information and Communication Technology, Business, Accounting and Financial Studies, Visual Arts, Physical Education (DSE), Aesthetic Development (S.4, S.5), Physical Development
English as the medium of instruction:English Language

School Facilities (for Supporting Students with Special Educational Needs)

Language Learning Centre, IT Innovation Learning Centre (Computer Rooms), Intelligence Learning Centre, Information Technology Learning Centre, Design and Technology Rooms, Electricity and Electronics Rooms, Graphical Communication Room, Multimedia Learning Centre, Laboratories, Library, Music Room, Studio, Multi-Purpose Centre, Fitness Room, Football Field, Basketball Court, Youth Centre, Dormitory. All rooms are air-conditioned, connected with "Wireless" projection equipment Apple TV and Optical Fiber to the Classroom (FTTC).The new fitness room, studio, enhanced multi-purpose centre, as well as to be re-constructed library and a new robot training base to be built in the next academic year, provide more opportunities for students to gain more variety learning experience.
Through the e-learning and balance the needs of students' physical and mental development, it is hoped that our students can actualize their creativity, sharpen their problem-solving skills and engage in communications, collaborations, logical deductions and investigations.

Accessible lift and Accessible toilet.

School Characteristics

School Management

School's Major Concerns:
1. To enhance values education on the basis of core Catholic values; 2. Enhancing STREAM education.

School Management Organisation:
IMC is the supervisory body and the School Executive Committee is the top administrative body of the school, overseeing 12 specialised committees and 8 Key Learning Areas. There are also various work committees and subject committees working in collaboration under the aforesaid committees.

Incorporated Management Committee / School Management Committee / Management Committee:
IMC is comprised of Salesian Fathers, the Principal, teachers, alumni, parents and the public who are enthusiastic about education. They plan and monitor school’s overall policy, finance and personnel deployment.

School Green Policy:
Humanities, Science and Technology have adopted a multi-faceted approach to environmental education, giving students hands on experience in environmental preservation and successfully putting theory into practice. This year, we participated in the "Hang Seng Low-Carbon School Project" funded by Hang Seng Bank, mainly to promote low-carbon living in schools through the installation of solar energy systems and interactive educational workshops.


Learning and Teaching Plan

Whole-school Language Policy:
1. Our medium of instructions policy is based on the students' needs and their English proficiencies. Basically, we adopt Chinese as medium of instruction.
2.To better prepare students for tertiary education, students having good English foundations, will be taught in English for some subjects in senior forms.
3. Students are exposed to an English-rich learning environment throughout their Junior Form studies. 4.The English-rich learning environment helps students to strengthen their English proficiencies and increase the number of students who are capable to learn with English.
5. The school scaffolds students with lower socio-economic status to learn English, so as to ensure equal chances are given to all of our students to fully develop their potentials.

Learning and Teaching Strategies:
Our school is an ordinary grammar boys' school. We strive to provide substantial, interactive, diversified and lively curriculum that aims to cater for the unique needs of boys. Our Senior Secondary curriculum provides a broad spectrum of electives that spans across humanities, science, technology, arts and sports for students to actualize their aspirations and abilities. As for our lessons, we emphasize clear learning outcomes, which are achieved by means of interactive learning activities and regular students’ assessments. Besides, we also provide a summary at the end of every lesson to consolidate learning. In Junior Secondary level, Self-Regulated Learning Scheme is implemented to nurture students to be autonomous learners and enhance their learning motivations. The scheme greatly uplifts students’ participation and initiatives in class through group discussions and pre-lesson tasks. The school is committed to facilitating the development of STEM ) and IT education. To strengthen our students’ problem solving skills, creativity and hands on experiences to solve realistic problems by integrating their skills and knowledge learnt from different subjects, the Mathematics Department, the Science Department, the Computer Department and the Technology Department have jointly organized a cross curricular collaboration in our junior forms known as The STEM Education. With generous donations, the school has setup a STEM Education Centre. With the STEM Education Centre, students can actualize their creativity, sharpen their problem-solving skills and engage in communications, collaborations, logical deductions and investigations.

School-based curriculum:
1. Electives: 2X. Our students may take two electives according to their interests, aptitudes and abilities.
2. Curriculum highlights: Our school is a normal cultural boys school in Hong Kong, students are required to sit for the HKDSE exam. Our school offers students a wide range of subjects: the four core subjects and various electives covering all learning areas. To cater for the individual needs and ensure learning progress of our students with different levels, we adopt a learner-oriented approach with tiered teaching strategy, implemented with collaborative learning and self-regulated learning methodologies.
In addition, we emphasize hands-on experience for our students to assist their learning and boost their confidence. In science lessons, they learn through participating in lab experiments. We hope the sense of achievement gained in science subjects can stimulate their learning interest in other areas.

Development of the Four Key Tasks:
Morning reading sessions are held twice a week. An online reading scheme is adopted to allow students to read whenever they have time, whether they are at home or they are in the campus. This year, we successfully applied for the Quality Education Fund and launched a "Joyful Reading" program, which aims to enhance students' reading by optimizing library equipment, updating and increasing reading resources in the library. We also promote variety reading activities in schools which aims to strengthen students' interest in reading to achieve learning from reading. Structured e-learning materials are put on the online leaning platform for students to further consolidate their learning in Chinese Language or in English Language. There are 146 iPads for teachers and students to use in class.

Life Planning Education:
Our life planning education offers students advice on career, further studies and finding jobs.
It plays a significant role in fostering students’ self-understanding, personal planning, goal setting, reflective habits of mind and articulation to progression pathways. With the help of different disciplines, programmes like “Who am I?”, “Personal Growth diary”, “I want to fly high” and “Understanding various jobs” are organised to help students have a better grasp of their own personality and aptitudes. Coupled with seminars, workshops and first-hand experience through on site observation, students are well informed when they make their choice for their future career.


Student Support

Whole School Approach to Catering for Learner Diversity:
We adopt small group teaching and co-teaching so as to enhance classroom interaction, more teaching resources are spent on remedial teaching. With Boarding Education Programme and After-school Nurturing Programme, not only do we help the junior form students with their homework and revision, but also offer them chances to learn to interact with the others through group work. To enrich students' spiritual needs, Catholic priests would do sharing in some occasions.

Whole School Approach to Integrated Education:
Our school adopts a “whole school approach” model to promote integrated education. We establish a learning support team, members include vice-principal, SENCO, SENST, school social workers, student support team and educational psychologist to students with special educational needs. We also arrange teachers to receive integration education training to enhance their professional competence. Our school makes a flexible use of the Learning Support Grant and other school resources to provide diverse support to students with special educational needs, which includes hiring teaching assistants to provide students with comprehensive learning support and social skill training, and outsourced speech therapy services for students in need. We also cater for students’ learning diversity and improve their learning outcomes through the adaptation of curriculum design, diversified teaching strategies, group teaching and homework and test accommodation. Our school also works closely with school-based educational psychologists to conduct regular student assessments and meetings, and invite parents to participate in individual meetings to design concrete, feasible support programs or individual educational plan for students. Furthermore, our school strengthens the staff’s professional knowledge on inclusive education by regularly distributing relevant information and organizing staff development seminars. Our school is committed to building an inclusive culture. We aim at enhancing students’ learning effectiveness and helping them integrate into school life by providing students with appropriate and diverse resources.

Educational Support for Non-Chinese Speaking Students:

Measures to provide adaptation for Learning and Assessment:
In addition to the two examinations and two tests every year, various types of exercises, projects, quizzes and in class activities are also used as a means of assessment to enhance teaching and learning. Formal assessments take into consideration the students’ diversity by the provision of different exam papers and addition of an extension part. Students who attain exceptional level are given A+ as a means of recognition.


Home-School Co-operation and School Ethos

Home-School Co-operation:
The Parent-Teacher Association was founded 29 years ago as a formal channel of communication between families and the school. Its aim is to strengthen the school-parents relationship through the collaboration between the school, students, teachers, and parents. Lots of events have been organized, such as parents’ volunteer service group, educational seminars, teacher appreciation day, field trips and Christmas party. Parent volunteers provide our children with a wealth of activities, events, and resources, which complement the comprehensive education.

School Ethos:
We are like a large family, where students and teachers are bonded by the Christian values and their closeness is conducive to students’ growth and helps students overcome obstacles in learning. We place strong emphasis on establishing a routine for students’ daily life. Apart from their studies, students have ample opportunities to participate in stem activities and various exercise, such as ATS STREAM Club activities, STEM competitions and different ball games.


Future Development

School Development Plan:
1. To enhance value education on the basis of core Catholic values.
We achieve this by various means: a school setting with ornaments of religious significance, talk in the morning assembly and sharing in the class master period. We also provide various opportunities where students can better understand core Catholic values. Besides, a reward scheme Good People, Good Deeds is implemented to instill in students' proper values.
2. Enhancing STREAM education: We always put strong emphasis on training our students as all rounded individuals. In addition to STEM education, two further elements: R “Religion” and A “Art” are added so that STEM is transformed into STREAM. In junior forms, we create a cross curricula STREAM teaching package that enables students to master the skills of different disciplines. It connects their learning with real life situations and enriches their learning experience.

Teacher Professional Training and Development:
Teachers will join the staff development days and enroll courses from the EDB to update their teaching pedagogy. To align with the development needs of the school, many teachers would join STEM and SEN related courses. There are collaboration periods allocated for teachers for pre-lessons preparation and for exchange of ideas.

Life-wide Learning (including Five Essential Learning Experiences to be provided through Key Learning Areas, extra-curricular activities, co-curricular activities, etc.):
There are more than 50 Life-wide learning activities are provided to help the students to gain the five essential learning experiences. They are:
1. Intellectual Development (mostly through classroom learning in KLAs): Chinese Club, Reading Group, English Board Games, Mathematics Club, Fiction Reading Group, Drone Club, Video Production Group (Bosco Club), Board Games Club, WCT Board Games, Young Scientists, Design and Applied Technology Study Group, STREAM Pioneer Team (Bosco Club), ATS Robot Club, Science and Technology Club, Innotech Club, Computer Society;
2. Moral and Civic Education (character formation): Catholic Association, Catechumen Class, Prefect Team, Student Librarian, Peer Counselling Group: Model Making Club, Environmental Protection Club (Bosco Club).
3. Community Service: Red Cross Youth Team, Sea Scout, Salesian L’Oratorio.
4. Physical and Aesthetic Development: Basketball Team, Football Team, Badminton Team, Volleyball Team, Fitness club (Bosco Club), Football Club (Bosco Club), Basketball club (Bosco Club), Table Tennis Club (Bosco Club), Squash Club, Boxing Club, ATS Taekwondo Club, ATS Mr. Vaudeville (Bosco Club), Magic Club, ATS Shooting Club, Model Making Club, Graphic Design Group, Elite Art class, Gardening Club (Bosco Club), Leathercraft Club, Audio-visual Team.



Scholarships will be awarded annually to students with outstanding performances in recognition of their achievements. The amount of the scholarships varies, but the impact on the students’ performances is certain. Scholarships can reinforce students’ achievements, they establish students as role-models for others to follow, and they encourage them to continuously improve. To level the playing field, our school also offers various grants to help those students who have financially difficulties. We love our students and we believe that financial issues should not hinder a students’ learning.
Last year, our school obtained many awards in public and inter-school competitions, including:
- Caring School Award held by Hong Kong Christian Service.
For Academics:
- Champion in My Ideal Public Play Space Creative Writing Competition by Leisure and Cultural Services Department(Southern District)
- Outstanding Essence Award in “Zhongguo Hangtianmeng” Writing Competition by Inspire (HK) Youth Education Foundation
- Proficiency and Merit in Solo Verse Speaking in 73rd Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival;
- Silver and Bronze in Hong Kong International Mathematical Olympiad Heat Round 2022 Hong Kong Region);
For Stream (STEM Ed):
- Champion in International Robotics (URC) Competitions 2022 held by the Universal Robotics Challenge Executive Committee Japan
- First in Group in International Robotics Competitions 2022 held by The Hong Kong Association for Computer Education, Cyberport
- 2nd runner-up, Gold and Bronze in International Youth Tech Olympics 2022
Robofest Hong Kong - BottleSumo held by Rotary Club of Abacus Hong Kong,
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
- 2nd runner-up(Inter-School) in International Youth Tech Olympics 2022 – Game Coding
- 1st runner-up in International Youth Tech Olympics 2022 Robot WER Mission Race
- Merit in International Youth Tech Olympics 2022 drone race
- Merit in Race for the Line micro:bit (Hong Kong)
- Best Artistic Design Award in the Mini-Robocon 2021 Hong Kong held by the HKSTP & HKIE;
- First Class and Third Class Awards in the Fun Science Competition 2022 held by HK Science Museum
- Second Class Award in The 15th CTEA Robotics Competitions held by Creative Tech Ed Association
- Merit in Catapult Competition held by Hong Kong New Generation Cultural Association
For Art:
- Champion and 2nd runner-up in The 25th anniversary of the HKSAR's establishment "My People My Country" Stamp Design Competition held by Federation of Parent Teacher Associations- HK Island
- Champion and 1st runner-up in My Ideal Public Play Space Creative Drawing Competition by Leisure and Cultural Services Department(Southern District)
- Champion in The 25th anniversary of the HKSAR establishment Flag Design Competition held by Home Affairs Department Southern District Office
- 2nd Runner-up, Gold and Bronze in Robotic Design Drawing Competition held by HK Cultural & Creative Industrial
- 2nd Runner-up in CYC Pencil Case Design Competition held by Community Youth Club Southern District
For Sports:
- Champion in A grade 50M Backstroke in Inter-School Swimming Competition
- The fifth place in 2022 Hong Kong Open Bowling Competition
- Student Athlete Award in Watson Group Hong Kong Student Sports Awards 2021-22

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