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This site does not guarantee that any emails, files or materials are reliable and correct during the transmission process, nor does it guarantee the security, reliability, integrity, correctness and uninterrupted connection of emails, files or materials stored or transmitted And errors, etc., members should be fully responsible for the loss of emails, files or data during transmission or storage, or computer system damage, and this site does not take any responsibility. This site is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages caused by the use of the membership services provided by this site, even if it is a notice that this site has clearly suggested.


This site is not responsible for any content (including pictures, web pages, text, images, audio files and programs) published by those who post and comment, and this site will not be responsible for any person's behavior on Tutorea and its websites any liability. And all comments posted and comments only represent the personal opinions of those who post and leave comments, not the position of this site. Users must be responsible for all content published by themselves, including its correctness, copyright attribution, legality or legitimacy.


This site does not guarantee the quality, safety and legality of trading services through Tutorea and its websites, the authenticity and accuracy of the published content, and this site also reserves the right to refuse to handle complaints. The transaction terms and methods of the service are agreed upon by both parties to the transaction, and this site is not responsible for it.


Users should judge the authenticity of the published and message content by themselves, and seek professional advice under relevant circumstances. This site is not responsible for all legal issues, casualties, and losses directly, indirectly, or incidentally caused by tutorea and its website services.


This site is not responsible for any products or transactions purchased or obtained by users through any services, information, content or advertisements contained in, via or linked to Tutorea and its websites.


This site is not responsible for any loss or damage arising from unauthorized use of member passwords or accounts.


This site reserves the right to change the terms of service and delete any users.


Tutorea and its website users must abide by the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.


This site receives inquiries from the police or customs, and may cooperate with their requests and hand over the information of members suspected of infringement.

(2023-03-19 updated)

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